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Election 2018 is just around the corner in Pakistan. The citizens will come out to cast their votes on 25 July 2018. There are two methods of finding your Polling Station for the Election 2018 in Pakistan.

1. Send SMS with your CNIC number to 8300

Simply send SMS to 8300 with your CNIC number (without any dashes) and you will receive your Polling Station details.


However, till filing of this report, the SMS service of 8300 is not yet giving complete address of the Polling Station. It is only giving the Census Block Code and Series in the Voter list. They will update these details later on I suspect but in any case, proceed to the option below to get your detailed Polling Station Name and Address after finding your Block Code.

2. Search in the Polling Scheme published by ECP for 2018 Elections

Many users are unaware of the fact that Polling Schemes are already published by ECP for 2018 Elections. They are uploaded on ECP website with the links below.

It is not a simple search and find database though – it should be but it is not. They have simply uploaded for each locality/seat in PDF to Google Drive – thanks to Google, the mostly scanned from paper PDFs are indexed with their OCR so you can simply search for your Block code, open the narrowed down PDF and then find the Block code with details of Polling Station. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find your Block Code first by sending SMS with your CNIC without any dashes to 8300.
  2. Once you receive the response and know your Block Code. Note it down and enter in the steps below. For this example, we will use Block Code: 246090406
  3. Visit ECP Polling Scheme page here:
  4. Click your Province. This will be clear with a City name in the SMS you receive above.
  5. This will take your to the relevant folder they have uploaded on Google Drive. Simply search for the Block Code you received in the SMS response from 8300. Please note that the Search may not appear for you if you are not logged into your Google Account.
    Find-Polling-Station-2018-Election-2The related PDF files will be listed now. Please note that they have uploaded it on the basis of each Provincial and National Assembly seat, usually the Polling Station will remain the same for both but you can still confirm by opening and searching for your Block code in Both.
  6. Click any of the file that shows in the step above. This will open the PDF in a pop-up. Press CTRL + F on your Keyboard. Enter the Block Code and hit Enter.

    At this point, your result will be highlighted. However, you can click the zoom button to actually read it easily.
  7. Now we can see the complete details of the Polling Station i.e. for Males, it is Govt Boys Middle School Faisal Colony and for Females, it is DEO Office in the city.

This is not an ideal way to actually find your Polling Station and may not work from a Mobile or if you are not logged into your Google account. ECP should have a simple searchable database where the Block Code can be entered and the Polling Station details retrieved.

Here’s to hoping ECP pushes the Polling Station details along with the Block Code when SMS is sent out to 8300.

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